What is

Canal View is an interactive event representing the urban space and its architecture.
Designed and produced by 3 young Venetian companies, Officine Panottiche (visual contents), NuovostudioFactory (interaction design) and Wetoo (software & hardware platforms); it combines a 360° panoramic video-projection screened on a wall and the shape of the Grand Canal projected on the floor as its interface.

The interface let users control the immersive video through natural movements of the body, feeling like being on the Venice’s Grand Canal. Visitors can control their position walking along the shape of the canal and change the panorama’s view moving left/right.
The 360° panovideo is the result of a research-based project lasted over 4 years and the equipment has been conceived on purpose.

This interface represents a great innovation in the domain of physical interaction: the use of the whole body enables visitors to experience the Canal View sensory installation without the need of any other physical device.

The software uses movements tracking technology thanks to a code written ad-hoc.

The system can be easily personalized and exported anywhere; it can be applied in different domains and locations; used for educational and/or cultural purposes and it can be adapted to different urban contexts.

Download the brochure (.pdf)

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